GEO employs several nationally-recognized subject-matter experts with advanced degrees and decades of experience in hydrogeology and groundwater chemistry, as well as in the installation, testing, and rehabilitation of all types of wells.

Well and Aquifer Tests
  • GEO utilizes Step-Drawdown Testing, Constant-Rate Testing, and Specific-Capacity Testing.
  • State of the art analysis methodologies are used to determine wellbore skin and efficiency for fully and partially-penetrating relief wells. Analysis methods include traditional modeling by Hantush-Bierschenk, Rorabaugh, Jacob, and Theis methods, as well as numerical modeling and finite-element analysis for more complex systems.
Downhole Video
  • GEO utilizes a CCV BT-9600 video camera capable of producing color video recordings and color photos.
  • Downhole video allows discovery of abnormalities such as damaged screens or casings, as well as biofouling and physical clogging of screens.
Well Rehabilitation
  • GEO is the only contractor in the country applying the USACE-approved Blended Chemical Heat Treatment (BCHT™). BCHT™ is a patented process in which a heated chemical mixture of acids, wetting agents, and dispersants are injected into the well under high temperature and pressure.
Field Chemical Sampling and Analysis
  • Field analyses of selected analytes help estimate groundwater chemistry, determine how these conditions may support microbial activity, and assess the potential for precipitation of minerals that may form encrustations on the well screen, well casing, and gravel pack of the well.
Microbial Sampling and Analysis
  • GEO utilizes the Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART™) analyses, which estimates populations of selected target bacteria and the risk of plugging and corrosion to well materials.
Relief Well Maintenance Plans
  • Using downhole video, well/aquifer testing, chemical and microbiological testing, and measured response to rehabilitation/maintenance, GEO can design a site-specific maintenance routine for your site.
    Constant rate tests, step-drawdown tests, and specific capacity tests (well and aquifer testing) by GEO Consultants, LLC

Downhole video by GEO Consultants, LLC

   Well field analysis of a contant rate test by GEO Consultants, LLC 

GEO conducted a project for a client who operates and maintains 14 locations with relief wells in Ohio, West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky. GEO reviewed historical data to ascertain the hydrogeology, relief well construction, and initial or expected well capacities of each site, before performing downhole video analysis of 146 wells at the 14 sites. Chemical and biological sample collection and analyses was done to document chemical and microbiological conditions within representative wells chosen at each site. These representative wells were then pump-tested to ascertain initial well and aquifer capacities (generally six hour step-drawdown tests though one site required a 48 hour constant rate test). GEO analyzed pumping test data to determine aquifer and well parameters including well efficiency. BCHT™ rehabilitation was performed on three of the relief well fields, which were retested to determine their improvement in efficiency. GEO performed all field work within a four month window from August to December, 2009 before developing a Maintenance Plan for all 14 sites (plus 3 sites from a previous study).


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