GEO has established specific quality goals and objectives for all its contract-related support services and deliverables. To accomplish these goals and objectives, the company developed and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) that specifies management of quality processes, focuses on customer expectations, and complies with the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization Standard ISO 9001:2000, QMS – Requirements.

GEO’s QMS provides the framework for achieving and maintaining the highest levels of quality performance, while simultaneously exploring opportunities for increased operational efficiencies, operational safety, and environmental stewardship. Project-specific quality plans ensure the applicability of QMS requirements to all project elements. Each plan is tailored to specific project and human resource needs, based on the risks, complexity, and duration.

GEO steadfastly adheres to a Quality Control (QC) program, using both standard and innovative business practices to ensure that all work is properly planned and executed and that QA/QC procedures are consistently followed. GEO also requires that all teaming partners and task-specific subcontractors follow GEO’s established quality standards.

    Work breakdown structure for GEO Consultants, LLC

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