GEO’s array of expertise in environmental and geological services has paved the way for GEO to be a leader providing services to the oil and gas industry in the field of High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHHF) in the Illinois Basin region. GEO has established definitive personal relationships with stakeholders, has professional roots in the oil and gas field and has longstanding relationships with drillers, the oil and gas division of Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and EPA Region 5 regulators. The GEO team consists of highly experienced professional engineers, geologists, and scientists, as well as trained and certified support staff. Our team members have over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of energy exploration, engineering and environmental services and are very knowledgeable of the complex regulations governing HVHHF in the Illinois Basin region. These credentials attest to GEO’s capabilities in assisting operators with the following tasks:  



· HVHHF Permit application process

o Air emissions


o Well drilling

· Well site water quality

· Water source management

· Baseline sampling

· Operation monitoring

· Documentation and reporting

· Water Management/Waste Management

o Flowback treatment/recycling

o Waste disposal

· Water quality monitoring

· Site closure

· Design


o AutoCAD



· All necessary instrumentation

· Trained & certified technicians

· Fixed lab analysis with EPA approved laboratories

· Located near Illinois Basin


    GEO also has existing contracts with nine EPA approved laboratories and a wide range of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment. The GEO team is thoroughly familiar with industrial site safety, the environmental needs of producers and the technical and regulatory requirements within the field of HVHHF in the Illinois Basin Region.


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