The year 1997 provided a golden opportunity for Jeff and Sharon Douthitt, though it meant taking a big risk...     Photos from 1999   

The opportunity was the environmental part of Lockheed Martin’s mission at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PDGP) in western Kentucky was coming up for re-bid, and much of the work was to be subcontracted to small businesses.

However, Jeff and Sharon did not have a small business, so the risk they had to take was to form one fast. They also needed to make it credible in the marketplace.

Fortunately, the Douthitts knew Ross Miller, a successful businessman and hydrogeologist. With Ross’s help, guidance, and encouragement, they decided to take the chance, and on June 23, 1997, GEO Consultants, LLC (GEO), an environmental and geological engineering services company, was founded and headquartered in Ross’s basement. At the time, the Douthitts had three toddlers at home and all three founders were employed in good, stable jobs. It was a big risk.

It was not easy. But the Douthitt's and Ross worked hard, and GEO won its first contract in 1998.

During the summer and fall of 1998, GEO was successful in its bid as a named subcontractor with CDM and commenced work on the Environmental Services Subcontract in April 1999. Other contracts followed and GEO’s client base grew throughout the late 1990s and 2000s to include continued work with the PGDP’s remediation contractors (Bechtel Jacobs, LATA Kentucky Environmental Services), Surface Deployment Distribution Command, Science Applications International Corporation, Tetra Tech, General Dynamics, a Department of Energy contract with Honeywell FM&T, the  U.S. Forest Service, and multiple districts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In 2004, Ross decided to start planning for his second retirement and the Douthitts purchased his share of the company.

GEO was founded on a vision of becoming a key environmental and geological engineering services provider to the federal sector. Since its founding, the company has steadfastly pursued and achieved this goal through the successful blending of large-company project planning, execution, and quality assurance, with small-company flexibility and responsiveness. GEO believes there is no substitute for technical competency, integrity, and a client-centered corporate philosophy, while always providing a safe and effective working environment for all employees. GEO has worked hard to earn its outstanding reputation and performance record, and will continue striving to be the “best of the best” as it continues to grow and face new challenges in the years to come.


Sharon Douthitt in her basement office just after founding GEO Consultants in the summer of 1993.
Sharon Douthitt - BS Economics

Jeff Douthitt and Ross Miller partner to form GEO Consultants in the summer of 1997

Jeff Douthitt - MS Geological Engineering
Ross Miller - BS Geology

Jeff and Sharon married during college, both received degrees from the University of Missouri-Rolla.


  GEO Consultants, LLC logo    THE GEO LOGO:
"As a child Jeff was always fascinated with rocks and would sit in the driveway for hours looking for Indian beads (fossilized plant stems - crinoids) in the gravel. As do most little boys, he liked dinosaurs as well. This all led to his interest in geology and the history of the earth. Jeff will tell you he is not creative, but he came up with the idea for the logo. We worked with a logo designer early on and were very disappointed with the boring samples we got. When Jeff got involved he brought in the concept of the dinosaur. Our logo breaks all rules of logo design (too many colors, not really symmetrical since the dinosaur sticks up), but it does have an almost cult following. Another play on the theme that most wouldn’t notice is the fact that the layers in the sun are a bit like the layers of soil and rock underground. We’ve been teased about the logo looking like the sun is setting on our company or how the extinct dinosaur might not be a good omen, but you can’t argue with its success." - Sharon Douthitt

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