GEO is Ordinary People Accomplishing Extraordinary Results
When GEO says, “We are ordinary people,” it means that GEO recognizes the strengths of its staff and realizes that every member is equal to the next. GEO understands that every employee has unique sets of skills, talents and interests that are no better or worse than those of their colleagues or neighbors. GEO accomplishes extraordinary results working as a team with purpose, and by selecting and utilizing  the right employees’ gifts to accomplish effective solutions that deliver each customer’s desired results. 

GEO is Here for Good
To the community, "Here for good" means that GEO is not going away. The excellent career opportunities that GEO provides are lasting. "Here for good" also means that GEO is dedicated to improving the quality of the local community through corporate and personal involvement and sponsorship.

GEO is Your Answer
Customers know "GEO is your answer" because GEO has repeatedly proven its dependability by delivering exceptional results and by delivering them fast. GEO not only provides great products and services, but also seeks to exceed customer expectations and become a trusted advisor. GEO wants to build lasting customer relationships that lead to repeat business and referrals, and believes that the only job security is a satisfied customer.


Kim Morris and Natalie Magill
Kim Morris and Natalie Magill deliver food
to 2011 flood victims in the Paducah area.

  GEO Consultants, LLC logo     GEO'S THREE LAWS

GEO works constantly to build a culture of greatness, which is only possible with the intentional contributions of disciplined people determined to do great work. Therefore, every GEO employee is expected to commit to the following three irrefutable laws:
  1. Be exceedingly thorough on every task in front of you.
  2. Make every external and internal deadline or renegotiate the date at the earliest possible moment.
  3. Never make:
    • A client feel they received less than expected,
    • A subordinate feel not highly appreciated,
    • A peer feel disrespected, or
    • A boss feel not in charge.

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