GEO is accustomed to rapidly responding to environmental programs throughout the United States. GEO’s corporate management structure is intentionally designed to allow straight line abbreviated decision processes that minimize the time required for major corporate and/or project decisions. Project and program managers are empowered to make programmatic decisions without the bureaucratic lag times associated with large corporate structures.

Examples of GEO’s disaster response activities include:
  • In 2005, GEO mobilized over 30 personnel to the Hurricane Katrina response effort within a 48-hour period. GEO field and technical support personnel aided in the management and operation of Hazardous Debris collection and processing in 20 parishes. GEO supported the response efforts in the collection, processing, and inventory of over two million household hazardous waste items in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.
  • Over the course of one weekend, GEO marshalled 12 personnel to respond to the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  These personnel worked in Safety Oversight and Support operations over the course of the spring.

These responses were facilitated on, or ahead of, schedule, with no interruptions in other corporate work assignments.


GEO Consultants, LLC disaster response to Hurricane Katrina


Hurricane Katrina devastated 20 parishes across Southern Louisiana, and both residential and commercial areas were left in a state of physical disarray. Hazardous debris covered neighborhoods and towns, sewage systems were destroyed, and building structures crushed. GEO, under subcontract to Weston Solutions (the USEPA START contractor) assisted in the development and implementation of plans to address hazardous debris removal, orphan container recovery, white goods collection and processing, site sampling, marsh operations, and data management. GEO personnel provided field and technical support in the management and operation of hazardous debris collection and processing. In 2005 and 2006, GEO supported Hurricane Katrina response efforts in the collection, inventory, and processing of over two million household hazardous waste items in New Orleans and surrounding areas.


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