Since its founding, GEO has worked hard and with clear purpose to become the proven and dependable small business prime contractor that it is today. GEO's special expertise is in the area of small business federal contracting, especially with regard to the ease of access to GEO’s professional services made available through its status as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (edWOSB). GEO's experts are available to assist any existing or new clients to engage GEO in the quickest and simplest ways possible.

GEO’s contracting expertise has been built via its performance as prime contractor, subcontractor and team member on large multi-faceted environmental service contracts with large environmental firms such as SAIC, Tetra Tech, LATA, Portage, Shaw, Bechtel Jacobs, General Dynamics, and Battelle Laboratories. GEO is presently managing task orders that vary from tens of thousands to millions of dollars for our USACE clients in the Louisville, Huntington, Tulsa, Omaha, Savannah, New York, and Kansas City Districts, in addition to managing approximately $1.5 million per year on multiple task orders for the Department of Energy.

GEO pro-actively works with clients, regulators, and other stakeholders to ensure all required coordination, approvals, and information sharing is effectively accomplished. GEO’s planning (work breakdown structure, resource breakdown structure, and resource allocation reports) ensures that human and material resources do not become overly committed. In short, these systems have been designed for efficiency, which contributes to the best-value solutions GEO provides to all clients.


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