GEO is a small business prime contractor that is certified as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (edWOSB). GEO has earned the reputation for consistently delivering high quality services on time and on budget.

GEO's founders, Jeff and Sharon Douthitt, have successfully managed a carefully crafted and intentional approach to growth. As a result, GEO has matured from a strong regional small business into a recognized small business prime contractor of environmental services. GEO’s growth approach includes developing and maintaining long-term contractual relationships with large environmental service providers to diversify its market base and to provide uniquely qualified project capabilities for its clients.
GEO fully understands the critical requirements of providing only the highest-quality key professionals and selecting and appropriately managing only the best service providers in the execution of the complete business solutions offered to clients – GEO's reputation depends on it. GEO is proud of its history of managing the line-partner and subcontractor teams it has established and of successfully nurturing long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with select companies that share its core values of technical excellence, safety performance, integrity, and continuous process improvement.

Jeff and Sharon Douthitt of GEO Consultants, LLC
Sharon Douthitt (CEO) and Jeff Douthitt (President)

  Larry Copeland, Operations Manager at GEO Consultants, LLC
Larry Copeland - Operations Manager
    GEO's Vision: GEO exists to provide best-in-class professional services to its clients. GEO will continue to provide technical excellence, the ability to integrate theory and practice, the ability to execute and deliver, an exemplary safety record, and excellent customer service with cost-effective results. In return for their dedicated work, GEO's growth provides outstanding opportunities for its outstanding employees. 

GEO's People: GEO’s most valuable asset is an outstanding employee team. Committed to job satisfaction, professional growth and advancement, GEO maintains a culture of team work, based on recognizing and combining each employee’s area of expertise. GEO is proud to employ only the “best of the best.”

GEO's Values: 

  • Business Ethics and Integrity: GEO’s core values are honesty and integrity, without exception. These fundamental values combined with a commitment to excellence and professionalism for customers, suppliers, competitors and employees are the foundation of the company.
  • Safety and Compliance: GEO will never sacrifice safety for productivity or schedules. GEO thoroughly plans each project with safety and environmental compliance as the number one goal. GEO believes that a task must be completed safely or not at all.
  • Quality: Total Quality Management and uncompromising expectations are embedded in the organization from top to bottom, resulting in reliable and outstanding performance for GEO’s clients.
  • Innovation: GEO is always looking for better ways to serve its customers by developing innovative approaches or combining existing technologies in new ways. GEO is committed to open communications with its clients, taking ownership of their challenges, and becoming a trusted advisor. At GEO, delivering a better, faster, and more cost-effective solution is synonymous with creating a truly satisfied customer.  



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